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What it means to become a member.

Firstly, as a member you help us to #KeepHerSailing. To operate a Tall Ship in 2020 costs, per day, $1,000,000 - and that doesn't include the repairs we're working on. This century old lady requires a lot of time, effort and love to keep her afloat. Your donation goes towards maintenance & repairs, funding voyages, and our rum supply - dark of course. Here's a visual breakdown of our fees:
⦿ A lot.
⦿ Even more.
⦿ Wow, that is a lot. I probably shouldn't even look at the next one.
⦿ I warned you. Secondly, your membership opens you up to the chance to come aboard the Buona Onda. We offer Charters where you can join us as we embark towards the next destination. Or Patronage packages, where you fund our travels to receive goods and stories. And we also offer Crew Opportunities... if you think you've got what it takes! Arr. The Buona Onda membership is €100, annually.


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